The birthplace of the Japanese cocktail Lemon Sour


The “Lemon Sour” is a standard cocktail served in Japanese casual bars and restaurants.

Popular across the board because of its good taste, it is the cream of the crop among bar hoppers all across Japan.

The drink of the day is the almighty Lemon Sour. The joint that came up with the heavenly combination of the freshness of lemon and the tingling sensation of the Hi-Sour (a non-alcoholic soda used to make mixed alcoholic cocktails, similar to the club soda) is Ban, the Motsu-yaki (Skewers of various intestines like the heart, tripe, liver etc.) joint considered the sanctuary for bar hoppers, located in Yutenji area of Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

Actually is the first place in Japan that created the Lemon Sour drink, so it is considered the “Birthplace of the Sour cocktail.” Today there are various flavors of the Sour cocktail, but the Lemon Sour started it all.

・Value for the money
When one orders the Lemon Sour, a jug is fully poured with Kinmiya brand shochu(distilled beverage)mixed with some Hi-Sour soda, and a whole lemon with a squeezer comes on the side. So the drinker squeezes the lemon and pours the lemon juice into the jug. A person is considered a pro if, with one order of the soto (literally means outside, in this context, it points to the Hi-Sour and fresh lemon juice,) one can get a second and third serving of just the naka (literally means inside, in this context is the shochu.) Once you are a pro, the cost of the drink is very reasonable since you can get three drinks out of one soto order if balanced right.


・On top of the great taste, you can tailor make it to suit you best.
Naturally, it is good enough with the way it is served, but the customer can adjust the amount of shochu or lemon juice. Discovering your favorite balance is another way to enjoy the drink. Adjusting the amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice on your own at the birthplace of the Sour cocktail somehow seems to make the drink taste even more outstanding.


・Not just the drinks, the appetizers are delectable
The signature dish is the motsu yaki, so of course it is amazing. Only the freshest motsu is used and the skewers are roasted very carefully with the utmost attention. This brings about some sort of decadence to the flavor. The savory taste of the motsu partnering with the Lemon Sour is just pure bliss.


・Specialty dish Tonbi is a must-eat delish dish.
Another popular appetizer that is as popular as the Lemon Sour is the Tonbi. Tonbi is the Japanese name for the Black Kite Hawk, but the dish is actually pork tail stew, and it is out of this world. Various spices and chili are used for flavor and the pork tail melts in your mouth. After the spicy taste of the Tonbi dish, a gulp of the Lemon Sour brings about a stimulating yet fresh flavor to quench your thirst.


The welcoming regulars
For the first timers, it is highly recommended to communicate with the regulars that sit next to you. All the regulars are full of hospitality and will kindly let you know their recommendations and how to best prep your cocktails.


A visit to the birthplace of the Lemon Sour, it is a highly recommended gourmet trip. You will discover the nurtured nouveau food culture that can only exist in this birthplace.

By communicating with the regulars, the baton of this culinary culture can be handed down to the next generation that leads to the longevity of this unparalleled flavor.

Why not insert a fragment of your life into the layers of time cascaded in this sanctuary.

When you stand in the turning point of your life, you will remember that fragment of your life like a bookmark. That is the kind of encounter you will experience here.

Name: Ban
Address: 2-8-17 Yutenji, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Open hours: 16:00~23:00
Closed: Year-end and New Year holidays, Summer holidays, and when Monday is a holiday.  

▼The blissful Tonbi is spicy but it is packed with tasty flavor.



▼Rosted tonsoku (pigs feet) is savory and full of collagen. The special sauce is a perfect combination.



▼A dish as popular as the Tonbi is the liver cutlet. The liver is fresh without that particular smell, so the rich liver taste is sure to satisfy your craving.



▼Motsu-yaki skewers need no explanation. There is a sort of sensuality to the looks of it, and the taste is as satisfying as the visual impact.



▼Other appetizers play wonderful supporting roles here. Just order with your instinct, and listen to the recommendations from the regulars.




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