Feel some nostalgia for Showa pre-war era at the Asakusa Okonomiyaki restaurant “Sometaro”


It is said that the prosperity of Asakusa begun with the establishment of rice warehouses at the present Kuramae in the Edo period.

At that time, food rice collected from all over Japan as well as rice as salary for Samurais who were working at Edo castle were stored in the rice warehouses in Kuramae. As a consequence, a large number of security guards were implemented and many low-level officials lived around there.

The salaries of Samurai were paid in rice, therefore merchants called Futasashi had been extremely prosperous who cashed rice.

It is said that Futasashi’s business was very profitable: Firstly Futasashi gave Samurais rice and cash after detection of commission for the rice received from Samurais.

Then the remaining rice was sold to rice dealers with commission. In short, Futabashi earned twice from one deal. That was merchants called Futabashi who were very good at doing business.

It was Asakusa where Samurais and low-level officials with a certain amount of cash as well as extremely prosperous Fudasashi kept playing around.

This is the background of why you can still find a variety of popular culture that had been inherited from the Edo period and feel “Iki” (the way of life or style combining material sensuality and elegant sophistication) in Asakusa.

In such a place like Asakusa which reflects the remnants of Edo charm and culture, there is one Okonomiyaki restaurant with a long history since the establishment in 1937. This is “Sometaro”.

・Visited by a great number of celebrities
This restaurant continues since 1937. Edogawa Ranpo, a Japanese author who contributed to the development of Japanese mystery fiction, enjoyed Okonomiyaki at this restaurant. In addition, “Sometaro” has been adored by various prominent novelists and actors, such as Ken Kaiko, Akiyuki Nosaka, Shintaro Katsu, Kiyoshi Atsumi. This is the history of “Sometaro” itself.

・Bake Okonimiyaki on iron plates in front of customers
“Sometaro” holds a unique style of cooking Okonomiyaki for you on the iron in front of you when you order “Okonomiyaki”. You are also allowed to cook Okonomiyaki yourself if you have confident in your cooking. However we can recommend you to leave it to them, as you can enjoy the cooking performance itself.

・Standout distinctive menu
There are a few distinctive foods which the ordinal Okonomiyaki restaurants aren’t serving. Those are “Pan-katsu” and “Shumai-Ten”. “Pan-Katsu” is a rich-taste lard-fried ground beef and pork meat covered with bread. “Shumai-Ten” is a baked with ground beef and pork meat and onion covered with mochi (a sticky rice cake). They are highly recommended if you have enough space in your stomach!

Such a long lasting Okonomiyaki restaurant makes you feel varieties of history.

Please step in this restaurant, if you may want to enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo and Showa periods and step in the nostalgia.

It is sure that you can enjoy the distinctive Okonomiyaki at the place where it feels as if time has slipped back to the Edo and Showa period.

Name: Aasakusa Sometaro
Address: 2-2-2 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open: 12:00 – 22:30










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