Taste the finest hand pulled noodles! Tantanmen at“Bazoku” in Asakusa, Tokyo.


Asakusa is a tourist spot famous both in and outside Japan. And within Asakusa, there are many excellent restaurants worth boasting about to the world.

I’d like to introduce one such place, “Bazoku,” which serves the best hand pulled noodles. The “tantanmen” noodles are so good you could say they’re an Asakusa institution.

・Established in 1977
“Bazoku” has a long history in the area, and was established in 1977. It was a year that Japan’s economic growth kept advancing, black-and-white television broadcasts finished, and baseball legend Sadaharu Oh established a world record of 756 homeruns. This hand pulled noodle restaurant was born in such a dynamic time.


・First-rate hand pulled noodles
At “Bazoku,” they begin making the noodles after they have taken your order. First time visitors may be surprised by the loud noise of the noodles being stretched and banged against a work surface for over 10 minutes. It requires great physical strength and special technique, but the result is noodles that are like no other. The freshly made, one-of-a-kind noodles are boiled quickly and served immediately so the noodles can be enjoyed in their best condition.


・Mouth-watering “Tantanmen”
The most popular dish on the menu is tantanmen” (Sichuan-style noodles in spicy sesame soup). The freshly pulled noodles and the sesame-based soup with a light kick of hot spices makes this one of the best tantanmen noodles in Tokyo. It has soft sesame flavors with a spiciness that isn’t overbearing. If you want it hotter, you can order it extra spicy and add hot chili oil that’s provided on the counter till it reaches your preferred taste.



It wouldn’t be surprising if people coined the phrase, “In Asakusa, there is Bazoku,” as it has some of the best tantanmen around.

Name: Bazoku Asakusa Honten
Address: Toyota Bldg. 1F, 2-7-6 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open 11:15~20:30
Open everyday

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