Experience Spring Early at the Store Where Kanto-style Sakura Mochi Originated "Chomeiji Sakura Mochi" in Mukojima, Asakusa.


In just a short while spring will be upon us; the season of big change with graduations, company initiation ceremonies, job changes, changes in workplace, farewells and new encounters. It's still cold but there are some warmer days which give a brief preview of spring.

We eagerly await spring, perhaps because we are starting to see forecasts for the blossoming of the most spring-like of Japanese things, "sakura."

The Japan Weather Association has announced that the start of the cherry blossom season will be near the end of March 2016 in the Kanto region. As we wait, we can enjoy spring even before the sakura bloom. "Chomeiji Sakura Mochi," where the Kanto-style sakura mochi originated, hits the spot.

・Established 300 years ago! Kanto-style sakura mochi originated in Mukojima, Asakusa's "Chomeiji Sakura Mochi."
Sakura mochi is a Japanese sweet born in the Edo era and is a mochi wrapped in a salted sakura leaf but there are two forms, the Kanto and Kansai-style.

Kanto-style sakura mochi are made with a ball of anko (sweet red bean paste) in the center, wrapped in a small crepe made with flour and wrapped again in two or three salted sakura leaves. This Kanto-style sakura mochi is said to have originated from "Chomeiji Sakura Mochi" in Mukojima, Asakusa.

"Chomeiji Sakura Mochi" is located right by the banks of the Sumida River which flows between Asakusa and the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower. The Sumida River banks have been a popular sakura viewing spot since the Edo period and it's said that the leaves from these sakura trees were used to create the "Chomeiji Sakura Mochi."


As indicated by the name, the only item sold in the store since its establishment is "sakura mochi."

The store caters mostly to gift shoppers, but there are a few seats indoors where you can sit and enjoy the sakura mochi. During the cherry blossom season, when the store is most crowded with shoppers, the seats are not available.


・Enjoy spring with the scent of sakura leaves! The salty leaves and the sweet anko are delicious!
This time of year, the store isn't too crowded and you can sit and enjoy the sakura mochi.

When you order a sakura mochi to eat in the store, it's carried out to you in a vessel called a "hegi" and the scent of the sakura leaves floats gently from it, giving you that warm spring feeling.

"Chomeiji Sakura Mochi" uses more salt on the sakura leaves than usual sakura mochi. Therefore, it's recommended that you remove the leaves before eating.

The anko has an elegant sweetness and is silky smooth. The lingering scent of the sakura leaves and the light saltiness make a great balance with the sweet anko.




Why not walk along the banks of the Sumida River, sakura mochi in hand, and await the arrival of the sakura?

You experience a stylish Edo classic, continuing for 300 years since the Edo period and loved by many.

Name: Chomeiji Sakura Mochi
Address: 5-1-14 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Open: Tues~Sun 8:30~8:00 *In store dining until 17:00
Closed: Mondays
Homepage: http://www.sakura-mochi.com/

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