Savor the Best Tonkatsu in Tokyo, Made with Selected Prime Pork "Hayashi SPF." "Maruyama Kippei", Asakusabashi, Tokyo.


The fragrant lard, the crunchy fried bread-crumb coating. The juicy umami of the meat and it's collaboration with the fat. Covered with lots of sauce and eaten with hot rice...

One dish you simply imagine the taste of and begin to salivate, is tonkatsu (pork cutlet).
There are numerous tonkatsu restaurants in Japan and they each have their distinct style and it is surely difficult to say which is the best. Let me introduce a restaurant that uses only select pork for their tonkatsu and carefully prepares this prime meat. The restaurant is "Maruyama Kippei" located in Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

・Prime ingredient, "Hayashi SPF"
Humans and pigs are the same in that, when they are in their mother's womb, they are germ-free. Both humans and pigs receive their first dose of germs as they pass through the birth canal. The SPF pork are born via caesarean section to minimize the acquisition of these germs. "Hayashi SPF" pigs are cut-off from outside contact and raised carefully in a clean environment. Only a few producers in Chiba prefecture breed the pigs and it is such a valued ingredient that it's very difficult to find any "Hayashi SPF" tonkatsu outside of the Kanto region.
*From the Hayashi Shouten Shukka Kumiai Website (Japanese only)


・Careful preparation of the selected prime ingredients, the "Maruyama Kippei" style
There are reviews that say the man who runs this restaurant is scary, but that is simply untrue. He isn't scary, he is just very serious. The carefully sliced cabbage, the vegetable-filled tonjiru (miso-based pork soup) and even the rice have a high degree of perfection and taste superb. With the help of these well prepared side-dishes, the tonkatsu shines even more brightly. The pork is coated in the bread-crumb batter after your order is taken and fried carefully in the beautiful and plentiful lard, and the resulting tonkatsu is tasty beyond words.


・The perfectly prepared prime pork tenderloin
Different cuts of meat can be enjoyed here, but the tenderloin best captures the umami of the Hayashi SPF meat while tasting light. The center of the tenderloin tonkatsu is a light pink color, and the umami of the pork meat is condensed and juicy as a xiaolongbao (Chinese soup dumpling). The meat is soft and there is a sweetness to it. If you sprinkle on some of the rock salt available at the table and have a taste you'll realize that in comparison to the tonkatsu you've been eating, this tonkatsu is of another dimension.

・Savor the orthodox combination of meat and fat in the pork loin
If you want to taste the orthodox combination of meat and fat, the pork loin is for you. The umami of the Hayashi SPF pork and the rich fat and fragrances draws a clear line between this tonkatsu and the run of the mill. It is excellent. The smell of the ingredients, the taste and the richness of the tonkatsu all consumed at once are so addictive, you will never feel satisfied by another. To enjoy this almost forbidden gourmet in an orthodox fashion, the pork loin tonkatsu is best.


Maruyama Kippei presents prime ingredients prepared with utmost care. If you visit Asakusabashi, it is not to be missed, so why not give this amazing tonkatsu a try?
Please abide by the restaurant rules while dining there.

Name: Maruyama Kippei
Address: CS Tower 107 1F, 5-20-8 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open: 11:30-14:30 / 18:00-20:00 *Open only on Saturday evenings
Closed: Unscheduled (closings on many Tuesdays)
*About Hayashi SPF
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