UPDATE1: Catholic educator Kazuko Watanabe dies at 89


Catholic educator and popular author Kazuko Watanabe died of pancreatic cancer Friday, an educational institution she led said. She was 89.

A native of Hokkaido, Sister Watanabe authored a number of books, including the best-selling Okareta Basho de Sakinasai (Bloom where God has planted you), in which she shares her views on how to lead a happy life.

She had long headed the governing board of the Notre Dame Seishin Gakuen based in Okayama Prefecture, western Japan. She died at a monastery there, it said.

In 1936 at the age of nine, Sister Watanabe witnessed the murder of her father, Gen. Jotaro Watanabe, during a failed coup attempt by ultranationalist army officers. Known as the Feb. 26 Incident, the event is said to have had a huge impact on her thinking on human life.

She joined the Notre Dame Sisterhood in 1956 after finishing her graduate study at Sophia University. She later completed a doctorate of philosophy at Boston College.


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