UPDATE1: Chilean wanted over alleged killing of Japanese student in France


French prosecutors have put a Chilean man on the international wanted list for the alleged murder of a 21-year-old Japanese woman studying in the country, a prosecution official said Tuesday.

The official said at a news conference that the prosecutors are investigating the disappearance of Narumi Kurosaki, a student from the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, as a murder case.

Although her body has yet to be found, the prosecutors have enough evidence to believe that it is a murder case, the official added.

Judging by the testimony from Kurosaki's family, the man, who was formerly her boyfriend, is believed to be aggressive and dangerous, according to the official.

The identity of the Chilean man has not been disclosed. But local police and other sources said the man is in his 20s has studied at the University of Tsukuba and may have fled to Chile.

A local newspaper said police have found some blood stains near an emergency exit at a dormitory at the University of Franche-Comte in Besancon, eastern France, where Kurosaki was studying. The prosecution official said authorities are conducting a DNA test to see if the blood is that of Kurosaki.

There were tire marks left near there, suggesting someone peeled out a car, according to the paper.

It was also reported that a video message apparently shot by the Chilean man was briefly posted on the Internet. In the message, the man said the video was shot on Sept. 7 and urged Kurosaki to adhere to "conditions" by Sep. 21. It is unclear what he meant by that.

Local media reports said earlier the Chilean man dined with Kurosaki on Dec. 4 at a restaurant in Ornans about 20 kilometers from Besancon. The pair then headed to her dormitory around midnight.

The reports also said some people have told police investigators that they heard sounds of a man and a woman fighting around the dormitory in the early hours of Dec. 5.

Kurosaki could not be reached on her cell phone after she went missing and her credit card has also been suspended, according to authorities and informed sources.

Local authorities and other sources said Kurosaki began attending the university in eastern France in September to study French.


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