Toyota's Prius hybrid top seller in 2016


Toyota Motor Corp.'s Prius was the best-selling vehicle in Japan last year for the first time since 2012, data from industry bodies showed Wednesday.

The Prius marked sales of 248,258 units, up 94.9 percent from 2015, according to the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. The remodeled version of the hybrid car went on sale in late 2015.

The ranking based on data from the JADA and the Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Association reflected the continued popularity of fuel efficient hybrid models and minicars. Of the 10 top-selling vehicles, five were minicars which have engines no larger than 660 cc.

Honda Motor Co.'s N-Box came in second with 186,367 units, up 0.8 percent, followed by Toyota's Aqua, the best seller in 2015, with 168,208 units, down 22.0 percent.

Daihatsu Motor Co.'s Tanto ranked fourth with 155,998 units, down 1.1 percent, followed by Toyota's Sienta with 125,832 units, up 96.9 percent.

Nissan Motor Co.'s Dayz came in sixth with 105,731 units, down 29.8 percent. Production of the car, supplied to Nissan by Mitsubishi Motors Corp., was temporarily suspended during the year due to Mitsubishi's fuel economy data manipulation scandal.

For the month of December alone, Honda Motor Co.'s N-Box clinched top spot with sales of 14,967 units, up 25.8 percent while Toyota's Prius came in second with 12,776 units, down 22.1 percent.


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